How To Keep Asphalt Looking Shiny


If you have recently had new asphalt installed on the surface of your driveway, then there is something that you will notice about the asphalt surface. It will appear smooth and shiny. The shiny appearance is a telltale sign that the asphalt is new, and you may want to keep that shine for as long as possible. Keep reading to learn how. Keep Traffic Off Asphalt does harden fairly quickly, but the petroleum-based bitumen will need some time to harden.

28 November 2017

Debunking Myths About Asphalt Pavement


Asphalt is made by mixing together heated cement along with stone that is dried and crushed, also known as aggregate. Sometimes other additives may be added in the process depending on the particular circumstances and/or specifications. Before the asphalt is spread onto a road surface, it is heated, mixed and smoothed first. Throughout the years, there have been an array of myths when it comes to the world of asphalt pavement.

10 May 2016

Different Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Concrete Patio


When replacing your existing concrete patio is not an option, you can find alternative ways of improving its look. To do so, you need to take the opportunity to learn more about the different design options. Add a Design One method for improving your concrete patio is to add a design to the surface. You can do this by stamping or stenciling a pattern into the concrete. These methods are a good alternative to more expensive materials, since you can use them to mimic stone or brick.

4 February 2016

How To Deal With A Deteriorated Asphalt Parking Lot


If you move your business into a new location that has a deteriorated parking lot, you'll want to have the lot repaired as soon as possible. Your parking lot is the first impression of your business. It doesn't reflect well on you if it is cracked, crumbling, and faded. Here are a few things you want to think about when having an asphalt lot repaired or a new one put in.

1 December 2015

How Unexpected Rain Can Throw A Wrench In Your Asphalt Driveway Plans


The weather can slow down or stall the installation of a new layer of asphalt for parking your car. Learn why rain delays paving installation and how to plan the process for faster completion. Preparing the Base Before the smooth surface of black asphalt is spread over the driveway, the installers need to grade the soil and spread a layer of gravel for good drainage. This kind of work can continue during light rain, as long as the soil is not so wet it's muddy and soft.

9 September 2015

Paving: Should You Choose Gravel Or Limestone?


When it comes to choosing your driveway paving material, there are a lot of materials to choose from. Many homeowners are trying to choose between gravel and limestone when they want to get away from the more traditional concrete and asphalt. These comparisons will help you decide if you should go with gravel or limestone. About Gravel In order to compare gravel and limestone for your driveway, you will need to know a little more about each material and its source.

11 May 2015

3 Tips For Renting Out Your Parking Lot To Make Extra Money


If you own a large parking lot at your business and do not need all of the spaces in it, have you thought about renting them out as a way to generate some extra money? This is a great idea if there is a demand for parking in your area, but it may take some work to get your plan going. Here are three tips that will help you achieve this.

15 April 2015