How To Keep Asphalt Looking Shiny


If you have recently had new asphalt installed on the surface of your driveway, then there is something that you will notice about the asphalt surface. It will appear smooth and shiny. The shiny appearance is a telltale sign that the asphalt is new, and you may want to keep that shine for as long as possible. Keep reading to learn how.

Keep Traffic Off

Asphalt does harden fairly quickly, but the petroleum-based bitumen will need some time to harden. This occurs as some of the fluid evaporates and it takes up to three days for this to happen. However, it can take longer for the asphalt to harden. This depends on several factors. For example, if your installation took place late in the season, then it may not be exposed to as much sun or to warm enough temperatures. This can cause the asphalt to remain soft for longer, so it is best to way a few extra days before using your driveway if the temperatures are a cooler.

Also, you should know that it does take a full year for the asphalt to fully cure or harden. This means that it can be marred by heavy loads or sharp items. During this entire year, you want to minimize large and heavy loads. Anything that can mar the asphalt will make the surface appear dull, and you will notice the shine leaving the asphalt installation. 

Clean Your Asphalt

There are a few advantages to having asphalt installed on your property. One of these benefits is that the asphalt is pliable and able to bend and move when pressure is applied to it. This pliability means that the material is slightly porous and fluid. It can trap small bits of debris, and it may look dull when this happens. 

To prevent debris buildup, make sure to clean your asphalt often. You want to use a broom to sweep away debris daily. Also, power wash the asphalt. Power washing means deep cleaning with a purchased or rented power washing machine. When you have your machine, you need to gently rinse the surface first. Then secure the soaper or detergent nozzle on the device. The nozzle is typically black and allows you to add your cleaner to the asphalt. Degreasing cleaners and blacktop cleaning solutions are a good choice.

When you add the cleaner, make sure to let it sit for up to 30 minutes. Rinse the cleaner away and then gently spray the asphalt again to make sure that residue has been removed.

If your cleaning does not produce a shiny asphalt surface, the sun and weather damage may have taken their toll on the asphalt surface. You should invest in a sealer at this time. Keep in mind that sealers should not be spread until after the asphalt has fully cured. So, basically, you need to wait at least one year before investing in a sealing. 

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28 November 2017

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