How To Deal With A Deteriorated Asphalt Parking Lot


If you move your business into a new location that has a deteriorated parking lot, you'll want to have the lot repaired as soon as possible. Your parking lot is the first impression of your business. It doesn't reflect well on you if it is cracked, crumbling, and faded. Here are a few things you want to think about when having an asphalt lot repaired or a new one put in.

Determine If There Are Existing Problems

Asphalt is very durable, but it doesn't last forever, especially if it receives no maintenance. It's possible the lot deteriorated because it is old and past its lifespan. However, there could be other reasons, and if there are, you want to find out what they are so you can fix them before the new lot is paved. For instance, water is very damaging to a parking lot if it gets underneath the asphalt. Proper drainage is critical. A contractor should inspect the lot for slope and drainage. Drainage problems should be fixed before work on the new lot begins.

Decide If Repairs Are Possible

You have two options for your old parking lot. You can have the old asphalt ripped out and a new lot built up from the base, or you can have the old lot resurfaced. You'll save a lot of money if you can resurface the existing asphalt. As long as the base is stable and able to support the type of traffic it will receive, and rain drains properly, the lot can probably be repaired even if it has several cracks, crumbles, and potholes.

The first step is to fill in the cracks and holes to make the surface level and whole again. After that's done, a new layer of asphalt is applied, and the parking lot will look like new. If the lot has to be totally rebuilt, the old asphalt is broken up and hauled away. Then the contractor has to design blueprints that specify how to build the base, slope it for drainage, and how to cover it with new asphalt. The base is built up with gravel and sand or some other construction material. The base needs to be extra strong if there will be heavy trucks and industrial equipment using the lot. The base is compacted so the asphalt can be spread over the top to dry.

Keep Up With Repairs

Once your new lot is completed and in daily use, you'll want to keep up with repairs so it stays looking nice. A paving company in Toronto can help you by resurfacing the lot every few years. This restores the faded surface and covers up repairs made to potholes and cracks. This not only keeps your lot looking good for your customers, it also keeps water from seeping through cracks and holes. When water gets under the layer of asphalt, cracks form more easily and it makes your lot deteriorate faster. 


1 December 2015

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