Paving: Should You Choose Gravel Or Limestone?


When it comes to choosing your driveway paving material, there are a lot of materials to choose from. Many homeowners are trying to choose between gravel and limestone when they want to get away from the more traditional concrete and asphalt. These comparisons will help you decide if you should go with gravel or limestone.

About Gravel

In order to compare gravel and limestone for your driveway, you will need to know a little more about each material and its source. The first is gravel, which is typically found near water sources. As opposed to limestone, the term gravel is not used for just one type of rock. It is a broader term that describes different types of water-worn rocks with a smooth surface.

About Limestone

Limestone, on other hand, is a term used to describe just one specific type of rock. Limestone is not only used for driveways, but is often found as the primary material for walkways. Limestone is a sedimentary rock compound and can be found anywhere that was once underneath the sea. Over time, it has been exposed to the surface. In terms of purchasing it for your project, both gravel and limestone are readily available at home improvement stores.

Uses of Each Material for Driveways

Different driveways will favor either gravel or limestone. Gravel is typically used for driveways that have a lot of visibility, as well as for driveways where the side landscaping should be accented. For appearance purposes, gravel is often used in smaller pieces as the top layer of a driveway. It might also be used as a bottom layer of the driveway since it is stable and can last a long time, while another type of stone will be placed on top of it. Limestone is also frequently used as the base layer for a driveway. If you have a large driveway, limestone is typically better to use. Additionally, if you want a long-lasting driveway but don't care as much about how it looks, choose limestone.

Color and Appearance

The next thing you are probably wondering is how these rocks differ in their appearance. Even if you don't care much about aesthetics for a driveway, it is one of the first things people notice when driving or walking up to your house, so you should know the difference in how the rocks look. Gravel has a larger variation in color as opposed to limestone, sine it could be made from so many different types of rocks. If you purchase a bulk mixture of gravel, you will notice different types of stones, including a variety of colors and shapes.

The primary colors of gravel tend to be gray, white and brown, though you might find other colors as well. Limestone doesn't have much variety. Most of it will be a shade of gray, from light gray to slate or dark gray. Limestone has a non-uniform and jagged shape, while gravel is typically in a round or oval shape and smooth around the edges. Check with a local paving company, like K-W Cornerstone Paving Services, for options and availability.


11 May 2015

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